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    Yiran [Jimmy] Zhang’s feedback

    Below is unfiltered feedback from Jimmy Zhang, an innoTrek 2009 attendee from Los Gatos high school.

    Hi Mr. Nguyen,

    Thanks, I’m doing great. How are you recently? Sure, I’d be willing to help.

    1. Thoughts/impressions/expectations prior to the event

    I always felt interested about entrepreneurship and wanted to learn more about it and expand my social network. InnoTrek seemed like the perfect event to attend. Also, I heard that most of the attendees would be MBA students from the top business schools around the world; hence, I was certain that innoTrek would be professional and worth attending.

    2. Experience at the event

    I was offered the opportunity to give a self-introduction to the audiences after I arrived. I felt honored and talked briefly about my toy invention. During the event, I learn about various aspects of entrepreneurship from guest speakers, who all had very successful careers. I also made some friends with several MBA students from London. More importantly, I met an experienced toy inventor, James McKeefery, who offered me many good advice on my toy invention.

    3. Experience since the event

    It’s been a year and I’m still in touch with Mr. McKeefery. He has helped and mentored me a lot over the past year, and I have always felt fortunate to have met him at innoTrek. Recently, I am planning to build an innovative Chinese website that would help entrepreneurs in China.

    4. Recommendations/suggestions for future events?

    Maybe invite VC’s to talk about their investment selection criteria.

    Also try to get more high school students involved…it was a wonderful experience for me and I highly recommend it to entrepreneurial-minded students in high school.

    Please feel free to share my feedback to others. I’m currently 20 and attending UC Berkeley.

    By the way, innoTrek sounds cooler than EntrepreneurTrek. =)

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