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    MIT Entrepreneurship Center

    The MIT Sloan School of Management, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the world’s leading business schools — conducting cutting-edge research and providing management education to top students from more than 60 countries. The School is part of MIT’s rich intellectual tradition of education and research, with graduates and faculty that have been practicing technology-based entrepreneurship for over 120 years.

    MIT students, alums, and faculty have founded over 5,000 companies and continue to do so at an approximate rate of 150 new MIT-related companies each year. These companies account for employment of over 1.1 million people and annual sales of more than $230 billion. If the companies founded by MIT graduates and faculty formed an independent nation, the revenues produced by the companies would make that nation the 24th-largest economy in the world.

    The MIT Entrepreneurship Center leverages MIT’s culture of high-tech entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs drive innovation and economic growth, enable new ideas, novel approaches, and innovative technologies to reach the marketplace. The Entrepreneurship Center educates and nurtures science, engineering, and management students who will make high-tech start-up companies

    MIT Sloan and the MIT Entrepreneurship Center are delighted to participate in innoTrek as it fits within our mission of helping our students fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions.

    Senior Lecturer and Managing Director
    MIT Entrepreneurship Center

    *** The MIT Sloan and MIT Entrepreneurship Center are innoTrek 2009 participants ***

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