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    Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Business

    The Johnson School provides students with fundamental general management skills. Building on this core of knowledge, students interested in entrepreneurship will find a set of unparalleled learning opportunities – both in the classroom and by working directly with new and emerging growth companies with guidance from experts through a large number of programmatic and experiential learning offerings.The Johnson School entrepreneurship program, Entrepreneurship@Johnson, focuses on the practical and interacts with other entrepreneurship programs across Cornell’s campus.

    Entrepreneurship@Johnson is a focal point of Entrepreneurship@Cornell (E@C), a university-wide program that works with all campus schools, colleges, and organizations to help create and promote entrepreneurship education, events, commercialization, and experiential learning opportunities.E@C’s vision, which Entrepreneurship@Johnson shares, is to support a diverse group of university-wide activities that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in every Cornell participant – in every college, every field, and every stage of life.

    Examples of Entrepreneurship@Johnson’s programmatic/experiential learning opportunities are (i) BR Ventures, our student run venture fund that makes seed stage investments in startup companies, (ii) BR Consulting, our student run small business consulting firm and (iii) our Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Startup Club. An example of a great venture founded by a Cornell alumnus is Zimride. Additionally, we offer a full semester immersion suite of courses in entrepreneurship and private equity.

    Entrepreneurship@Johnson is delighted to participate in innoTrek as it perfectly fits within our mission of helping our students fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions.

    Zachary Shulman
    Director, Entrepreneurship@Johnson
    The Johnson School
    Cornell University
    142D Sage Hall
    Ithaca, NY 14853-6201

    *** The Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management is an innoTrek 2011 participant ***

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